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Danforth Center Cares is an employee-funded, employee-administered initiative to support full-time, part-time, and contracted colleagues who are suffering as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, or other emergency situations.

Danforth Center Cares was started by a group of employees who believe in the importance of living the Danforth Center values and is an effort to share resources, thereby strengthening others, and ultimately creating a more compassionate, dedicated, and effective workplace.

Grants from Danforth Center Cares may be used to fill a gap when a community member is faced with an unexpected financial hardship. These may include health insurance premiums, an unexpected bill, or living expenses for a family who is experiencing exceptional challenges.

Full-time, part-time, or contracted employees of at least 30 days are eligible to make requests. Grants are one-time only, except in extraordinary circumstances, and as funding allows. Payments will be made as soon as possible. All requests will be considered in the strictest confidence.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us. Thank you for being part of our community.

Stay well,
Care Team: Dana Benedicktus, Terri Burton, Noah Fahlgren, Todd Hornburg, Andrew Witthaus

Thank you for reaching out to Danforth Center Cares. Your request will be kept in the strictest confidence. Please understand that we may not be able to fund all requests, or provide the amount requested. Grants from Danforth Center Cares will not result in taxable income.

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Payroll Deduction

To give using payroll deduction, please download and complete this PAYROLL DEDUCTION FORM and send to

Gifts to Danforth Center Cares may be one-time or recurring, via credit card or payroll deduction. All gifts are tax deductible.

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Thank you to these families and individuals who have made gifts to Danforth Center Cares. All of us appreciate your caring and concern.

Doug AllenJackson & Malia GehanStephanie Regagnon
Charles AnJackie Gonzalez Margaret & Kevin Reilly
Anonymous (43)Terri GreenKarla Roeber
Taylor AuBuchonMaria Higa Josh Rothhaupt
Sally BaileyGreg Jensen Melissa Rung-Blue & David Blue
Patricia BaldrichVanessa Lynn JohnsonHaley Schuhl
Tom BanderTira JonesDilip Shah
Becky BartElizabeth A. Kellogg Nadia Shakoor
Ivan BaxterMelissa KerckhoffThe Slotkin Family
Tim BelfieldClaire Kinlaw & John BrabsonMaria Sorkin
Dana BenedicktusSomnath Koley Matt Tao
Jeffrey BerryCatherine Kromer Jeremy Tate
Terri BurtonMao LiNigel Taylor
Kris Callis-DuehlDonald MacKenzieBrigid Thayer
Suzanne CavagnaKirsten ManleyNancy Thompson-Culberson
Sara ChappellMike & Lisa MasonAlex Tosspon
Kranthi ChebroluRebekah MayeMaurice Turner
Kevin Cox, Jr.Nick McComishJames Umen & Qingping Li
Hal DaviesElizabeth McNultyKira Veley
Debbie DavisRick Meyer Bala P. Venkata
Jarret DavisAllison Miller & Jason Knouft Angela & Matt Wichmer
Anna DibbleMayumi Nakano Andrew Witthaus
Getu DugumaNarayanan Narayanan Marisa Yoder
Kiona ElliottHuong Nguyen Monica Zawicki
Noah Fahlgren and Kerri GilbertSona Pandey Sally Zetzman
Todd FinleyHayden Payne Ru Zhang
Joanna FriesnerJoyce Pluhar  
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